Dubai Villas are Just Adorable

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Dubai Villa

Where ever you live in world, if you are planning to go out to spend your holidays outside of your home country then you must be willing to make it memorable. Due to current technological boom in information technology, internet and web has become the primary source to get information about anything. Travelers and holiday makers use these resources to decide about their destination. China, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, USA and Canada are famous among tourists of whole world. Besides these holiday destinations, Dubai has also made its reputation as one of the favorite travel destination among Middle Eastern countries. The unique thing about culture and environment of this place is that it welcomes people around the whole world without making any discrimination on the basis of religion, culture and nationality. The environment here is very safe and pleasant for everyone who wants to live or work there. The crime free environment attracts people around the globe to visit this place to work, shopping and vacations. This city has lot of good job opportunities that are equally available for local residents and immigrants. Due to increase in number of immigrants and visitors, the real estate market of Dubai observes a high demand in residential and commercial properties in Dubai. Major property type available in real estate UAE and real estate Dubai include apartments, resorts, hotels, homes and Dubai villas. These properties are categorized in short term rental properties in Dubai. Individual can find short term rental properties according to their needs. This phenomenal rise in Dubai property demand drag attention of builders and developers to start huge construction projects to fulfill residential and commercial property needs of expanding real estate market. Eventually this rise in mega construction projects develops a good market for business professionals who are interested to invest in real estate market. Construction industry has become very advance in Dubai, trends have been changed and now resorts, apartments, hotels, villas and homes are constructed on completely new dimensions. Builders follow new trends of construction and renovation and equip properties with all latest facilities to provide luxury living to everyone staying. The newly built buildings of this city represent a beautiful blend of Arab culture and modern architecture completely equipped with luxuries of five start hotels.

Uniqueness of Dubai Villas

Whether you are considering any resort, hotel apartment, home or Villa, you will find that all these properties are fabulous and highly comfortable place to live. Those who have travel other places Dubai Villasof world including Dubai and get a chance to stay in a villa must be able to identify the uniqueness about Dubai Villas. These villas are considered exceptionally good and luxurious to villas built anywhere in the world. Anyone can buy or rent villa but due to high villa prices, it is not possible for everyone to buy it. Those who really want to experience the joy and luxury to live in Dubai Villa can easily take it on rent. These Dubai Villas are perfect choice for those visitors who love to spend their holiday time in a luxurious and lavish manner. As Dubai Villas offer more privacy for the visitors, they prove to be just perfect vacation place for large families, group of friends and even official business persons.

The Finest Villas in Dubai

The finest villas located in Dubai are The Palm Island, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Springs, Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills and Meadow. These finest Villas are very good substitute for luxury hotels in Dubai. You can arrange business meetings, exhibitions and wedding functions in these Villas.

Real Estate Agent

How Real Estate Agents will help you to find Best Dubai Villa?

Those who are interested to buy or rent a villa can also take help of professional real estate agents. Hiring a reliable professional real estate agent makes its very convenient to buy or sell any Dubai property in UAE real estate market. Once you hire a professional agent to tackle property issues, he/she will handle all paperwork and legal issues related to selling and renting of Dubai Property. These real estate agents will also guide you to choose best furnished villas available. Almost all Dubai Villas are equipped with all basic and advance amenities like furnished baths and beds, garden, kitchen, wardrobe, covered car parking, gym, Jacuzzi bathtubs and swimming pool. Furthermore, high speed broad band internet and complimentary housekeeping services are also provided.


Dubai Villas are just an adorable place to spend your holidays. Tourist, visitors, business persons and even local residents can enjoy the luxury lifestyle offered by these Villas. You can find a suitable villa that fulfills your needs.

Dubai Villas a Short Term Rental Property

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Roman Villa


Villa is a common term that can be used to describe diverse structures that offer luxurious residency to people living there. Originally villas were created in Roman. A typical Villa in Roman consist of a large central building with facilities like hot water surrounded by outhouse structures like stables, wine processing units and storage house. Beautiful landscape gardens and farmlands surround these outbuilding structures and central villa’s building. Mostly servants take care of villas. Villas are designed in a way to fulfill all needs of the people living in villas. European countries had been building villas for several years back.

What are Dubai Villas? Dubai Villa

If you observe short term rental market of Dubai properties, you will find that renting out property has changed considerably and tourists and visitors consider other short term rental property options other than hotels. Dubai villa a short term rental property offers unique and luxurious living for small families and large group of people. You can utilize these villas to arrange exhibitions, weddings and corporate events. Dubai Villas are custom made houses possessing almost all facilities and luxuries to provide comfortable living. Dubai villas are specifically constructed for rental purpose. It is a very good option among short term rental properties. These Villas are available with great deals and variable sizes and facilities. You can find villas ranging from 5 stars to 3 star villas. Choosing a Dubai villa as short term rental property will provide you luxurious living during your short stays at affordable cost. You can save considerable amount of money as compared to amount you will pay as hotel expenses.

How you find Dubai Villa on Rent?Dubai Villa on Rent

You can contact with leading real estate agents to find Dubai Villa for rent. The demand for these short term rental properties is continuously rising and it has become the most sought after properties for rent or to live in Dubai for short and long term basis. There are many villa communities in Dubai that have already completed their projects whereas several Dubai villas are still under construction. If you are staying at Dubai for a short period of time the best villa you can consider to live in include Palm Jumeirah and Golf-Front Victory Heights. But if you will be living in Dubai for a longer time period, it is good to consider Meadows villas, Lakes villas and Spring villas. These villas also offer outdoor entertainment facilities like parks, walks, pavements and lakes. Moreover, villas in Dubai are designed in a way to display green with number of trees along the walkways and roads to create a peaceful environment. Most of the families prefer to live in villas like Spring, the Meadows, the Emirates Hills and Arabian Ranches as they provide good community are where their children can grow up. Dubai villas communities can provide small townhouse facilities to huge size detached villas like Emirate Hills or Palm Jumerirah. Irrespective to the type of villa you need, a qualified and reliable real estate agent can help you to find the right villa for you.

Benefits of Choosing Dubai Villas a Short Term rental Property

Dubai Villas a Short Term rental PropertyIf you are going to choose Dubai Villa as a short term rental property on the Palm Jumerirah and Palm Jebel Ali, you will have private home and private ocean front to your home. These rental properties provide you calm and pleasing living place far away from city disturbance. As we know these villas are available in diverse range of sizes, you have several options to select a Dubai villa according to your needs. Besides wide range of sizes, you will get excellent childcare, fitness health club and housekeeping services. You will also enjoy privacy and extra space and private pools in very calm environment.


Dubai Villas provide luxurious life at Dubai at affordable prices. It is best to choose Dubai villa as short term rental property when you have plan to stay for longer time period. It is also a good option for those who comes Dubai to make holidays with their families. Dubai villas offer such families to enjoy more room and privacy as compare to hotels.

Dubai Tenants’ Checklist – Know your Rights

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With so many Dubai rental properties to choose from, Dubai tenants are truly spoilt for choice. Hence, finding the right apartment or villa can be overwhelming. However, as a prospective Dubai tenant, it need not be so if you remember these points before and whilst searching for rentals in Dubai.

Firstly, knowing the ideal area/neighbourhood you would like to live in will help you understand the Dubai property that you can get for your price range. Search for rentals in Dubai online or in newspapers. Do a comparative price check of similar properties in the area or community you like to get an idea of rentals in Dubai. Make a list of features that you would like your ideal Dubai property to have. Some Dubai rental properties come with extra value features such as built-in wardrobes, balcony, equipped kitchen maid’s room or study.

Also, consider the location of the Dubai rental properties that you are looking at – is it close to schools, supermarkets and hospitals? Commuting is an important factor to consider as a long journey can take away quality of life. Also check whether the building has covered parking or on-street parking.

Look at the size of the Dubai property and your budget to see whether you can get a bigger apartment or villa for your money or if you need a smaller space to fit your budget. Rentals in Dubai vary enormously for apartments and villas of different sizes and between old and new apartment blocks and plush, mid-market and budget housing locations. Look for rentals in Dubai that are present in buildings with gyms, pools and kid’s areas – this will help you save on lifestyle and entertainment costs. If you work with a real estate consultant to find rentals in Dubai, then expect to pay a standard commission charge of 5%. Ask about any hidden fees or costs. Dubai tenants would also have to pay 5% of the annual rent as a deposit to the landlord to secure rentals in Dubai, so factor in this cost too.

Next, organise your documentation. You will need to submit your valid passport and visa copy. A tenancy contract term for Dubai rental properties is usually for a period of one year. Presently, however, landlords are open to receiving multiple post-dated cheque payments, making it convenient for Dubai tenants.

Work with a professional real estate company that employs RERA certified consultants. A good consultant will be able to ensure that prices of rentals in Dubai are realistic, property is managed and well maintained and that repairs and painting are done before you occupy the Dubai property. When you go on viewings of Dubai rental properties with your consultant, check if the air conditioning works and inform the consultant if you have concerns regarding quality of the wiring or plumbing.

Once you’ve narrowed down on your Dubai property and the contract drawn up, read the terms and conditions carefully before signing on the dotted line. Ask if the rent goes up every year, and if A/C, water, electricity and/or gas bills are included in the rent. With rentals in Dubai becoming more affordable, as a Dubai tenant, you can expect to find what you’re looking for easily and at the price you want if you keep these points in mind.